I would say that this is my biggest talent.  I am currently juggling a busy load of activities in my procrastination schedule, such as showering, going to Tesco, starting my dissertation, looking for a job, considering my future, getting my life in order, starting a strict eating regime (not to be called a diet…), starting to go jogging (hindered by my lack of trainers and my indecision about which pair to pick. Also, just because I’m female does NOT mean that I want pink or baby blue trainers, looking at them in sports shops makes me feel like a feminist…maybe I’m just bitter about my unsymettrical feet and that I seem to need two different sizes of trainers…but anyway, that is another matter entirely), starting that novel I keep thinking about…the list could go on… Oh and also, starting this blog. But that’s being done now so I can get rid of that from the collection of things hovering above my head.

Even right now I am procrastinating, putting off getting in the car and driving after my mother told me I drive like a learner driver, and she’s trusting me with her car… I’ve already put it off for one day and the rest of my week is full so it’ll just have to be this afternoon!

I have many MANY tips about good ways to put things off, having the internet at your fingertips is a good one, daytime television seems to be the choice of many, I find tidying and cleaning works well when essay deadlines are looming.  And my biggest procrastination technique…a book. It doesn’t even have to be that good, I’ll read anything when I have better things to be doing, I’ll sneakily read pages when I’m meant to be cleaning, going upstairs to check my phone (I live in a land of no signal, where the only bar of reception floats about on my windowsill…) and getting a few paragraphs in, or going to the “toilet”, where I actually just sit and read pages and pages, it’s an important room, a little place you can go into where no one can really politely ask you what you’re doing and why it’s taking so long.  Bathrooms: also full of distraction tools, body lotion, nail varnish, make-up, scrubs and face masks…many things that could help you pass an afternoon.  But anyway, enough of this, I should go shower, spend some quality time with my bathroom.

I already have a few ideas for this blog and this doesn’t quite fit the bill but they would take too much work so this is what I’ve come to, writing about putting things off!  It seems to me that procrastination and indecision will walk me through life, me in between, them both holding one of my hands and uncertainly letting them pull me along. Maybe we’ll skip off together into a colourful sunset…although I have a sneaking suspicion that they may just be holding me back.

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