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Bedtime Poems #2

June gloom…

My updates on bedtime poems have not been as frequent as I promised (I believe I said this would be a fortnightly post!) due to lack of internet. However, today I am in my local library, where the magical being that is the internet floats in the air and brings happiness to all. Hoping to get another few posts up today but please bear with me if I can’t update as regularly as I would like.

Way, way back at the start of the month I tweeted some lines from Seamus Heaney’s lovely poem ‘The Conway Stewart’:

The shopkeeper

The nib uncapped,
Treating it to its first deep snorkel
In a newly-opened ink bottle,

Guttery, snottery,
Letting it rest then at an angle
To ingest,

It comes from his collection Human Chain and I loved the image of the pen being used for the first time, ‘treated to its first deep snorkel’, that the poet’s pleasure at seeing the pen used for the first time could be shared by the pen itself. I know some people who are particular about the pens they use and hold on to them for years. I am not particularly fussy; pen, pencil, crayon…whatever comes to hand first really. There is something lovely about a new pen that flows well though, especially for those for whom writing is a passion. A lovely poem.

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Ragdoll update

I am unfortunately out of Internet (typing this post on my phone!), meaning that posts are on hiatus for a while. I will take a wee minute to update you on my reading progress – just finishing of part v of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. It seemed a daunting prospect at first, and I was a little disappointed that my edition seems to have anglicised names, but I am really drawn in by it. The heroine is not my favourite character – I don’t care as much about her as I do the others. Levin and Kitty are my favourites at the moment, there’s something a lot more touching and innocent about their characters, more genuine I suppose. I have been wondering what other people think of the characters in Anna Karenina – who are your favourites and why? The back cover tells me that the novel ends in tragedy and I am completely unfamiliar with the story so I am looking forward to seeing what happens. As it’s a Russian novel I keep expecting it to turn into Doctor Zhivago

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