A Wish List begins…

It seems like almost every other day that I come across another book that I want to read. I usually end up adding them to my ‘to-read’ list on Goodreads but I’d like to do this a little better and have a page on my blog where I keep a Wish List. I’ll try to include my sources too, as a little tip of the hat to the blog, or tweet, or article, or friend who brought the book to my attention.

You can have a look at the beginnings of it here.

At the moment, I am mostly coveting Life After Life by Kate Atkinson which I think sounds just wonderful, like a literary Groundhog Day.

LIfe After Life

This was mostly inspired by these reviews I saw on Bibliomouse and Lucybird’s Book Blog.

I have also been browsing through the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2013 Longlist which has some titles on it I’d love to read.

Women's Prize for Fiction Longlist 2013

Most notably, there is NW by Zadie Smith, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple (which I first discovered through Book Riot’s Best Books of 2012 post), Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver and of course Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel (after I have read Wolf Hall of course!).

I actually do have a Book Journal that was given to me by my Grannie for my 18th birthday. I used to update it all the time but have now found that all of my bookish thoughts and whims have gone digital. I’m going to dig that out and update it too I think – such a lovely thing to keep!

How do you keep track of what you have read, or what you’d like to read? Is it solely through your blog or online reading sites like Goodreads, or *gasp* the Wish List feature on Amazon? Or do you have a journal that you keep? Would love to hear your thoughts – and if you have any suggestions for the Wish List, do let me know!


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16 responses to “A Wish List begins…

  1. My wishlist is forever expanding to the extent that I don’t think my blog would be the best place to keep track of it! I add everything to a wishlist ‘shelf’ on my Goodreads account and then for convenience before birthdays/Christmasses I add a few to an Amazon wishlist because my Mum finds that handy if she is lacking inspiration on what to treat me to 🙂 I love the idea of keeping track of where a recommendation has come from, though, because I often forget. There are some beautiful book journals around at the moment so I may treat myself to one.

    • I am definitely going to dig out my old book journal, like with books, I prefer to have something tangible and it’s nice to flick through every so often. And I forget where I have seen books too! There are some books that I just love and have no recollection now of how I stumbled across them.

  2. Love that you are reading The Snow Child and today I have seen small flickers of snow outside.

    I use the goodreads site, but only add to the wishlist if it’s a SURE thing I am going to read it as it’s a bit sad to see a wish list grow bigger than a have read list. I also use the backpage of my diary, because I am out and about all day and you never know when a book recommendation might come up 🙂

    Kate Atkinson’s book is indeed a literary Groundhog Day, that is the perfect description. Most unusual and she must have fun writing it, I found it inspiring, it’s like the book of drafts, any one of them could have been the story and she’s given us all the possibilities.

    • It has been a perfect time to read The Snow Child – on bus rides to work as the snow is floating down outside. Such an atmospheric, charming book.

      I can’t claim the Groundhog Day reference as all my own unfortunately – I think there was mention of it in a review I read somewhere. It does sound wonderful though, a book of second and third chances, for the author and the characters.

      I think I use Goodreads as a quick fix – somewhere to jot down the name of a book so I can look at it again later. I’m hoping the Wish List will be a little more like you say and be filled with things I definitely know I’ll read!

  3. I have over 2,300 books on my TBR wish list, and the number grows daily. I used to keep them in a notebook, but often unwittingly made repeat entries. I tried using index cards, one book per card, but the file became unwieldy.

    Now I store them on an Excel spreadsheet where I can rearrange them by author name, genre, recommender, or even a brief geographical note I’ve made. I can also search for a specific title, or certain words (for example, for a reading challenge calling for certain words in the title). And I can refresh the list to incorporate new items I’ve tacked on the bottom. I can even randomly pick a book to read by using random.org

    Plus, once I’ve read a book, I can move it, with all info intact to another page of the same spreadsheet, for “Books Read”.

    It doesn’t work for everyone, but I think it’s the only way for me at this point in my life. 🙂

    • Wow, that is a lot of books! That would take me decades to read them all! And of course the list would be continually growing…

      I like you’re organised approach, it sounds like a very good way to keep track of all of them, especially with that many. I think my list is in the hundreds at the moment, although I also find I’m reading more than ever now thanks to blogging so it’s not getting too out of control. Do you always use random.org or do you just pick at whim? I’d probably end up not wanting to read the one selected and running it again until I got something I was happy with!

      • Sometimes I scan the list and pick one, Jennifer. And I have done that re-running thing with random.org. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for a particular book, and reading should still be enjoyable after all. 🙂

  4. The only one of the list I have read is Bring up the Bodies which I loved, I do like the sound of the new Kate Atkinson though which I have seen reviewed everywhere.
    I keep a simple list on my computer of what I have read each year – and have kept the files of the last few years so I can look back. I have tried reading journals once or twice in recent years – but have never got past about March. I also use goodreads.

    • The Kate Atkinson book does seem to be everywhere at the minute, making me horribly jealous! I would quite like to catalogue the books that I have and can feel a spreadsheet coming on for that – I’ve never really thought properly about the books I like in terms of genre or era and it might be quite interesting to find out.

      I think I’ll continue to use Goodreads to keep track if what I’ve read, but it is t the best for books that you’ve re-read as you can’t put them in twice. Which is where an old-fashioned physical journal comes to the fore. I think we’re lucky now that we have so many options – probably too many and we’re spoilt for choice!

  5. JoV

    Many of my wishlist came from Blogger’s recommendations. Amazon.co.uk stores some of my wishlist too. Some days when I am waiting for my next train at the station, bookstores like WH Smith bestsellers gave me a good clue of what non-fictions I want to read next. All these don’t help at all, as my wishlist is growing and I haven’t been able to read all the books I own!

    • My wish lists are dotted all over the place too, a little bit on Amazon, some on my blog, and a lot of it on Goodreads. I love having Goodreads on my phone as it makes it very handy to add a book to my wish list when I’m out and about so I don’t forget about it!

  6. Thanks for linking up to me 🙂

    I see you’re reading The Snow Child, I have a review of that waiting to be written. How are you liking it?

    • You’re welcome – I really enjoyed your review! I just finished reading The Snow Child at the weekend. I wasn’t blown away by it but enjoyed reading it all the same. Some of the descriptions of the Alaskan winters were really vivid and I enjoyed the escapism, even if was a little twee at times. What did you think of it? I’ll look out for your review!

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