Evelyn Waugh Month

This coming April, I have decided to give myself a challenge to read three Evelyn Waugh books in a month as there were quite a few of his books I wanted to read. I read Brideshead Revisited a few years ago and just loved it, and I have to admit that I was also inspired by Stephen Fry’s wonderful film Bright Young Things which was inspired by Waugh’s Vile Bodies. If you fancy joining in at all please do let me know!

The three that I have on my shelves are:

Vile Bodies
A Handful of Dust


I plan to start with Scoop and will be reading this in the first week of April if anyone is up for a read-a-long. I’m also happy to take suggestions if there are any other books by Evelyn Waugh you think I should be reading.

P.S. Isn’t the incredibly writerly photo of Evelyn Waugh just exactly what you would expect of him?


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13 responses to “Evelyn Waugh Month

  1. I may join you in Vile Bodies – as I already have had it TBR for ages. I have read A handful of dust – it was unforgettable – won’t say more than that just yet – but will be interested in what you think.

  2. I’ve been reading Scoop for approximately the past two months. I adored the first section and whizzed through it, then got a bit bored and lost interest. So I’m taking a break from it now and will pick it up again in a few weeks. Will be interested to read your thoughts!


  3. Funny coincidence: I also loved Brideshead Revisited and it was “Bright Young Things” that ignited my interest in his other works. Vile Bodies has been on my reading list for a while, and I really should get stuck into it… Scoop sounds fun too!

    • Do let me know what you think of Vile Bodies when you read it – I’m planning to read it next week. Bright Young Things is such a brilliant film – and has clearly inspired both of us to read Waugh!

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  5. Look forward to these reviews, may have to add him to my list too!

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  7. Alex in Leeds

    I didn’t know about your reading month for Waugh but am delighted to see someone suggesting one. I’m reading some of his essays, articles and letters in a collection right now which is keeping me very entertained at night with all its sarcasm and pointed wit. 🙂

    • I haven’t read any of his articles or essays but I do love his writing style so would be intrigued to read some. Is there anything you would particularly recommend as a starting point?

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